Comic Books Saved My Life

Comic Book College in Minneapolis.

February 26th, 2019

Confession: comic books saved my life.

Not in a hyperbolic, overly dramatic way, mind you. It’s just whenever I’ve felt lost and lacking direction, I have always been able to find what I need in the pages of a comic.

Like any other human on this planet, I’ve been through stuff. And like any other human, I have felt alone. The reason that comic book shops mean so much to me is because they represent a community, and that community represents the place that I have always been searching for: the place where I belong.

I am under no pretense that I will ever change or save a life. But I will always be a part of this thing that let me be a part of it, and I will always actively and passionately support that community and the wonderful, life-affirming things you can find inside. All I want is to belong — and I find that in comics, again and again.

So, tomorrow — it’s new comic book day, and MY new comic book will be on the shelves at these brilliant, inclusive, remarkable homes of adventure and invention. So please — visit, explore, find a book and a place where you belong.


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