We Are Better People, Despite Claims To The Contrary

We all have our days.

February 13th, 2019

No matter how much you progress in life, there will always be people there to remind you of the times you were a piece of crap.

This is okay. Unfortunately, this is how the human brain works for some reason.

I’ve had a few days like that this week, but instead of dwelling on those memories, too, I made myself look in the mirror to remind me of who I am now and how far I’ve come and how I could have let those moments where I was a piece of crap consume and define me, but instead — I didn’t.

If you feel like a piece of crap today — I see you. You are so much more than your bad days and I hope every day you try to prove that person wrong. I hope today is your day.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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