Multiversal Recalibration

February 26th, 2021

We have this thing where we think we’re the center until we can see the whole.

A few months after my mom died, I got three plastic tubs full of stuff from the time I was born until the late 2000’s. She kept a lot of me and for that I’ll be forever grateful; if there is ever a me museum, it will be entirely too thorough.

For a long time, human beings thought Earth was the center of the universe. (I’m sure there are people who still do and I just can’t even right now.) It wasn’t until we pulled back to see the bigger picture that we found we were wrong.

I think the same goes for our sense of self. We start by knowing only ourselves and, as far as we can tell, we are the most important part of our own everyday existence.

For weeks I’ve been going through this stuff, reconstructing my own timeline, and it’s helping to see the actual orbits of my entire life.

Like the Earth itself, once self-actualized, we get to recognize the awesome system that we’ve been a part of all along.

Jupiter pulls in debris before it can reach Earth. We have people who speak dearly of and defend us when we’re not around. Other planets and stars make themselves visible regularly, shining bright. Those people share our orbit — they’re our cheerleaders, our moral support, who remind us that they’re always around. We all have our constellations of acquaintances, and some of those burn out. We each find our own suns to rotate around.

And just as you’re accepting that you’re Earth, you make the realization that you’re also one of these other heavenly bodies to every other person you know. You’re a moon. You’re the sun. You’re a dangerous comet. You’re a shooting star.

I don’t know what I did to deserve the universe I got, but I do know that seeing my place in it from this vantage point has made me appreciative beyond belief.

There was once a scientist who spent his entire life trying to explain why our planet is 93 million miles away from the Sun.

The moment you figure out why that was a waste of time is when you accept and embrace your celestial roles in the infinite multiverse to which you belong.


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