Particles R Rad

December 2nd, 2021

Particles are amazing.

The particles that make up you are the same particles that make up dogs and forks and books and cars and trees.

I think humans prefer labeled boxes (which are also made up of the same particles) so we don’t think about that much.

If you want, you can look at your own particles and love them exactly the way they are. You can thank whoever you think put them together for putting them together exactly like you. They did such a good job. You can marvel at the fact that all of your particles, billions and billions in number, work together to allow you to be a person and do person things and think person thoughts.

If you don’t like your particles, you can change them. That’s allowed, because they are your particles. If your outside particles don’t represent your soul, or how you feel on the inside, particles can can be moved and pushed and placed where you want, like puzzle pieces with infinite edges.

There are no ways to do particles wrong.

Because particles are representatives. They come together to show you things. The things they become are so different, but before they become those things they are all the same.

Whenever I get overwhelmed, which is often and annoying, I try to think about how big and small the universe is. But as above, so below. The biggest, brightest things in existence are made up of the exact same particles as the teeny tiniest.

You are made up of literal star matter.

Particles are amazing. You are particles. The transitive property will tell you the rest.


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