Let’s Stay Together

December 4th, 2021

I haven’t been spicy in a while, and I don’t mean to be today. But I want to explore one of those phrases that seems harmless on its surface but is loaded with a level of ignorance and selfishness that I’m not sure its users intend.

When it comes to death and dying, people of faith, at least those I have encountered, love to say these words or a variation of them:

“Well, if I go, I go. That just means it’s my time. It’s all part of God’s plan.”

Suicidal overtones aside, let’s talk about how this is not true.

If someone walked up to you and shot you in the chest, I would be hard-pressed to believe you would look up to the sky, thank your creator, and accept this as your fate with both thumbs up.

I also find it hard to imagine you would feel content if someone shot someone you loved in a similar way.

Duly, the person carrying the gun is not carrying out any god’s will.

This line of thinking brings me to the conclusion that there are words and phrases that people of faith should not use when it comes to death, like “tragedy,” “unimaginable,” or “before their time.” Because, if there is a plan, then everything happens according to it; there is nothing tragic about everything going to schedule, and nobody can go before their time because they got exactly the amount intended. If this sounds not right to you, then welcome to the party.

Now let’s listen to what this sentiment sounds like during the pandemic.

It sounds like someone saying I don’t care what happens to anybody else because I know that I will be fine in the hands of my God.

Which would be fine if getting sick ended with you.

Instead, getting sick is like being shot with the gun and then given as many guns as people you meet.

So when someone says, “If I go, I go,” what they’re actually saying is, “If they go, they go.”

And that can be infuriating to hear.

If someone cares about life, then it shouldn’t be okay when anyone goes. It’s not. It sucks. Sure, some of you may be looking forward to Heaven — but what’s the rush?

If you stay, we can hang out a little longer and face this life together. If I stay, we can try to make this secular world a better place.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Together

  1. This is so perfect. Yet another reason I stepped away from religion. When you come to understand what people are praying for while reciting the Lord’s Prayer, it’s a little scary even though they have good intentions.

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    1. I have a healthy understanding of the good religion can bring, but the we can’t ignore or disregard the harm it causes, too. My hope is that people can listen and grow and be willing to understand different viewpoints with respect and openness.


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