January 12th, 2023

Hi. Marvel and I just wanted to thank everyone who reached out to us this week.

It’s been a challenging one. I can’t even imagine going through something like this alone, because I was anything but: from all the family and friends who offered kind words and support, to co-workers who let me carpool and gave me the time to do what I needed to do, and even social media pals who checked in to make sure I was okay.

My nerves are absolutely fried. I’m energy bankrupt. I’m still being positive, but I am completely sapped of that ooey gooey stuff that makes me all magical or whatever.

And when you find yourself scraping the bottom of your tin heart, you start making some realizations; you think about the daily choices you’re making, and how they affect your emotional and mental health and overall well-being.

I definitely need to reprioritize myself and make a few changes that hopefully give me a tiny slice of that serenity that people tell me tastes so good. (Do you put whipped cream on it?)

I don’t need a complete overhaul (and hopefully my newly recovered vehicle doesn’t, either), but I do need to figure out what I can accept and what I, with a little courage, need to change. And I could use some wisdom — always some wisdom.

Thanks again, mostly from this dog who has to put up with my neediness that you helped abate. Hope your road this week is less than perilous, and leading you forward regardless.


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