Sober Distancing

April 11th, 2020

This is a shout out to my beautiful peeps who are dealing with the same stuff that we’re all dealing with, but also doing it sober.

We live in a world (and social media climate) that actively promotes and adamantly believes in the idea that to get through things — big things and small things and good things and bad things — we need the assistance of adult libations.

This idea is fine. For some people.

For some others, the idea is painful. It doesn’t work, and it made things worse. But we found ways to change and grow and while life is better, times of stress and trauma are difficult for everybody, and I’m proud of the way you’re holding it down.

You might be like me — scrolling past your ninth “I NEED A GLASS OF WINE” meme of the morning, tapping through yet another “SEE A SHOT, TAKE A SHOOOOTTTT” in your story, wondering why so many booze ads seem to be targeting me, and why so many people seem to be triggering me.

And hopefully, like me, you’re using the tools you have and you’re doing your best. You’re checking in on friends, and your friends are checking in on you. You’re finding safe ways to stay well and stay sane, even if it’s just fueling your Netflix addiction (hello, Schitt’s Creek!).

I just wanted to send you message to say: I see you, I care about you, I’m proud of you and you are doing so well.

Keep going. I’ll keep going with you. ❤


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