Found in Space

March 9th, 2021

More and more lately, I find myself in space.

I’ve been feeling the everyday plaque of stress and anxiety building up faster and more frequently; I know it’s due to a complex constellation of reasons. Not that understanding it helps.

To find myself out, I have to place myself outside. Way outside.

I imagine that I’m looking at me, exactly where I’m standing right now, from a far off vantage point in space. In fact, I’m far enough away from Earth that I can barely see me at all. But that’s the point.

I’m so in awe of everything else between me and me that it puts the small stuff in perspective.

It’s only an exercise, so I have to practice it like one.

The phenomenon of déjà vu is easily explainable. It generally happens when you’re tired, and the result is your brain lags, giving you the feeling that you’re living through an experience twice.

Sometimes, when I’m not okay, I like to think that there’s a version of me who already exists who is okay. I’m just lagging right behind him, and I’ll be there soon.

I hope you’re doing okay today.

And if you’re not, I hope you catch up soon.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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