June 14th, 2021

One of the major themes of my novella Flip is loss. When I published it back in 2013, I wanted to give others the opportunity to honor people they’d lost by including a special dedication page in the front of the book, allowing anyone, who wished to, a space to remember a person they love.

The themes of its upcoming sequel Push are more complex, but loss still carries throughout, and I want to offer this space again to anyone who would like to use it.

The cost is free. All you have to do is leave the name of your loved one here in the comments (or through a message if that’s more comfortable) and I will include it on the dedication page in my next book.

It’s been an especially traumatic year of loss for many, certainly for me personally, and the most essential thing that has helped carry me through is simple remembrance; memories and photos and handwriting on yellowed sheets of paper. This is another way of memorializing, and it’s open to everyone.

Hope you’re all hanging in there, and I hope to hear from you. All my love.


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