A Kind Word & A Friendly Face

August 8th, 2022

“All they need is a kind word and a friendly face.”

Kindness is like a thumb on a knot.

I had a really insecure week. Not that the week wasn’t sure of what it was, but I’m not.

I’ve just felt out of place and out of sorts, not myself, wobbly on a sidewalk curb with my arms outstretched.

When I’m uncertain, I’m tense.

And when I run into kindness, I feel an ease.

And I am just really grateful to have run into so much kindness this week, the big and the small.

The nice moments curl into fingers and become a hand on my back, pushing those tight muscles of anxiety and uncertainty aside.

So, thanks.

Thank you for being kind, and this is just a reminder that you never know what a person is feeling like under their layers; under the smiles and laughter and sarcasm and clever jokes and easygoing demeanor.

Sometimes there is just dark, starless and vast. No rhyme or reason for it; just because.

And your kindness is a light.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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