Flip: Special Edition

December 18th, 2020

“Write drunk, edit sober.”

In my twenties, I was master of the former. For a while now, though, I’ve been living by the latter.

In that spirit, I wanted to revisit my second novella, Flip, with fresh eyes. I didn’t want to change the story, but I wanted to clean, clarify and filter any waste I had missed. I also wanted to put the book back into print (as it’s been sold out for years and is my most requested paperback).

So I present to you Flip: Special Edition.

I had an out-of-body experience doing this. If you know anything about Flip, you know it’s about dreams. If you know even more about Flip, then you know it’s also about loss. And as a person who’s dealing with it in a deep way right now, I wasn’t sure if what I wrote then would resonate with me now.

Boy, did it ever. (Chapter 2 made me openly sob when I read it again. In a good way.)

The new paperback is larger (6″ x 9″, the same size and material as Theia). It includes a new foreword, written by yours truly. I put this novella out seven years ago this month, and the fact that it’s still a thing I get asked about is very cool. (The Faribault Daily News said at the time in its cover review: “Moments of brilliance make a short read like ‘Flip’ worthwhile . . . Sometimes, Vogen unexpectedly breaks out beautiful, almost poetic, language at just the right moment.”)

I was obsessed with dreams and loss before writing it, and my fascination has only grown and intensified since.

Whether you’ve read it once or twice or not at all, I hope you pick it up now. It’s a real trip. And if it’s successful, I may revisit other work in the same vein.

Flip: Special Edition is available on Amazon now and will be in my store in the coming weeks. All my love.


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