Sunny Days of Rain

May 20th, 2022

Yesterday I went outside to pick up dinner.

I could see the bright sun shining through the window before I left, so it was strange when I walked through the door and found that it was raining.

For all the weather we get here, it felt like the most emotionally relatable.

All I seem to live through are sunny days of rain.

I know what the sun is; it’s the hope I find in being alive.

But the rain is always changing.

Sometimes it’s the grief or loss I feel. Sometimes it’s watching the people I know and love make bad decisions over and over again, both of us knowing that they could prevent the tragedies they create. Sometimes it’s a critical, overwhelming disdain for myself, which is easy for me to get drenched in.

And there it is with the sun.

I don’t want to spoil Cold World too much, but I feel like it’s better than one line, no matter how good that line is.

On a certain page, Calef turns to his father and says: “Dad, when mom died, I knew that I was going to be living in winter for the rest of my life, no matter where it was I lived.”

For everything we say Minnesota weather gets wrong: it seems to get life most of all.


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