The Song That Never Ends

February 14th, 2022

I feel like today is a good day to talk about vulnerability.

Because I feel like every day is a good day to talk about vulnerability.

I can’t even count the amount of people who have been reading my posts all these years and then ask me some variation of: “When is it going to end?”

As in: when is everything going to be better? When am I going to be okay? When am I just going to get over it?

And the answer is never.

People want happy endings. We’re conditioned to believe that a human being goes “through” a struggle, as though there is an other side to their suffering. An end to it.

But that’s just not how life works.

There are still going to be days that I miss my mom so much I don’t know how I’m going to make it to another. There are going to be days where all I want is an ice cold beer to get over it and I’m going to hate myself for that feeling. There are days I’m going to feel insecure, and inadequate, and unloved, and fucking human.

But as long as I am alive, and I am writing words, I am going to be here to remind you that it is not only okay to be vulnerable, but it’s essential. Because at the end of everything, you are more than adequate, you are loved, and you are fucking human.

And there is nothing more amazing than that.

And sometimes we need reminders. Sometimes we just need to know that somebody else is going through the same things we are. We need to know, when we are not okay, that we can find a way to be okay again.

Keep hanging in there. And I’ll wrap my pinkie around yours and do the same.


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