Everything Just Is

February 25th, 2022

There are bitter things in this world that we’d like to think have lost their taste.

We are humans, look at how far we’ve come, a society that believes that we are post-what-we-used-to-be. See how we have evolved and that history has been written, the future not a reflection but a brand new page.

Yet, here we are.

Countries are still invading other countries, like they’ve done since the beginning. Racism still objectively exists, a local spotlight showing us that it’s still alive in children and how they treat one another. People are still using their subjective beliefs to control and persecute other people, and then cry when they feel others are trying to control them.

It’s overwhelming. I was up last night when the explosions in Ukraine started, and I went to sleep unsettled and woke up duly so.

What does change are individuals. And individuals lead us to societal change.

So I’ve just been thinking about what it means to be you and me.

You have the right to be. No one has the right to take that away.

You are not and will never be perfect, and you will always be unfairly judged by others’ projections of who they think you are or who you are supposed to be.

You’re only supposed to be you.

This is a reminder to check your own projections of other people, too.

You are allowed to be broken, to be sad, to get mad, to make mistakes, and none of those things make you a lesser human, or means that you’ve taken any steps backwards in your progress. They just mean that you exist.

You can be sober and be a fun and interesting person. You can be drunk and not be any fun at all.

We often see the world in opposites: black and white, good and bad, up and down. The truth is that all of those things are assigned by us; we decide what they are and what they should be at any given time, and those things change over time.

The truth is that everything just is.

And what’s happening in the world isn’t new, but the best thing we can do is admit that it is happening. We can talk about it. And we can figure it out.

Because we’re human. Look at how far we’ve come; imagine how far we can go.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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