Up With Down

August 15th, 2020 A few times in my life, I have discovered something at the exact right moment I need it. Maybe you’ve had similar gifts. A book, or a film, or a poet, or a fan club; art that transcends base entertainment and emotion to help you along a particular path or over anContinue reading “Up With Down”


July 28th, 2020 I’m seeing a lot of copying & pasting. An abundance of sharing of other people’s words. I don’t give advice, but as someone who cares deeply about humans, I feel like there’s a better way. Maybe you could speak from your own heart. Maybe you could use your own words. A genericContinue reading “Unconditionally”

Defund Me

July 1st, 2020 Sometimes, people just need a really big problem broken down to its simplest form. So I’m going to try. For a long time, my way of living — my entire system — was broken. And I refused to address any of my problems in a fair way, to myself or others. ThisContinue reading “Defund Me”


June 27th, 2020 Hi. I’m doing my best. As far as feeling like I’m in the middle of a dark forest that’s burning inward from all possible sides, I’m relatively fine. To manage my anxiety, I tend to turn inward and find personal value in pop culture — right now, my favorites are Green Lantern,Continue reading “yolo”

People Not Problems

June 10th, 2020 Do you want to know why some folks love statistics so much? It’s because numbers are not people. Tell me which is easier for you: is it more agreeable to look up printed percentages that meet up with what you want to think and believe, or to watch even eight minutes ofContinue reading “People Not Problems”

Progress Not Perfection

June 3rd, 2020 Every single morning, especially since I’ve been sober, I wake up and I prepare myself to be called out. What will it be today? I don’t know. Yesterday, it was because I used the wrong hashtag; it was an honest mistake, and I fixed it immediately. Some of you may understand. SomeContinue reading “Progress Not Perfection”

Sober Distancing

April 11th, 2020 This is a shout out to my beautiful peeps who are dealing with the same stuff that we’re all dealing with, but also doing it sober. We live in a world (and social media climate) that actively promotes and adamantly believes in the idea that to get through things — big thingsContinue reading “Sober Distancing”

Thank You.

March 17th, 2020 Weird world. I was waiting until I could write something thoughtful and meaningful about everything that has happened over the last few days, and then I realized that waiting for anything is stupid, so here we are. First of all: thank you. I say thank you a lot, and I mean itContinue reading “Thank You.”


March 10th, 2020 When you’re gripped by a dark thing, common wisdom dictates that you should take a look in the mirror. Stare into the eyes of who you are and what you’ve become to reach an mutual understanding. For me, the recognition and clarity never came through a mirror. It comes through photographs. PicturesContinue reading “Look”

Home & Garden

February 19th, 2020 The other night over dinner, we were having a conversation that led into how I uncomfortably deal with specific kinds of attention. It’s something that I have thought about for years, but had never really put into words until now. When I quit drinking in 2017, I quickly lost somewhere between twentyContinue reading “Home & Garden”