Great Power

October 3rd, 2019 Will Smith and I are on the same wavelength. I had been thinking about writing a post about the difference between fault and responsibility lately, and then I saw a video of his yesterday in which he perfectly describes what I was going to say. That smug ass. To sum it up:Continue reading “Great Power”

The World Hasn’t Existed Since 2012

August 16th, 2019 I read a theory today that the universe ended in 2012. It wasn’t a bad theory, as far as internet theories go. Multiverses, trans-dimensional travel, displaced existence, blah blah blah. It was all there. But reading it, and really thinking about it, I felt the weirdest thing. I felt relief. Because ifContinue reading “The World Hasn’t Existed Since 2012”


August 3rd, 2019 Let’s say you make a really good blueberry Danish. And you want to share your Danish with the world. So you decide to write down the recipe. But then you quickly realize that nobody actually makes this Danish like you do. But how could you make all these pastries and share themContinue reading “Danish”

Vogen, The Creator

May 31st, 2019 People ask me what it’s like to create a world. Well, it looks like this. This stack of notebooks is hundreds of pages of life. It’s doodles, and sketches, and ideas, and timelines, and sharp words, and broken hearts, and gender-swaps, and intimate connections, and things that seem like but can’t beContinue reading “Vogen, The Creator”

I Love That You Love It

April 30th, 2019 An open letter to those of you who don’t “get” superhero films (or comics or just like to poo poo all over things that other people love): Marvel just released a film that is essentially about grief and the act of moving on, and it made $1.2 billion its opening weekend. IfContinue reading “I Love That You Love It”

Comic Books Saved My Life

February 26th, 2019 Confession: comic books saved my life. Not in a hyperbolic, overly dramatic way, mind you. It’s just whenever I’ve felt lost and lacking direction, I have always been able to find what I need in the pages of a comic. Like any other human on this planet, I’ve been through stuff. AndContinue reading “Comic Books Saved My Life”

Introduction 2019

January 15th, 2019 Hi. This is about me. I’m the guy in this photo. Not the Joker. The guy behind him working on a dream. I was born in the 80’s and am a lifelong comics and pop culture fan. I’ve expressed myself artistically in a lot of different ways over the years — IContinue reading “Introduction 2019”

Imposter Syndrome & The Flying Squirrel

October 12th, 2018 In an attempt to help people get inside my characters’ heads, I’ll try to find simplified examples from the internet and use them to begin a discussion and illustrate certain behaviors or traits. Ashley Maypole has a lot going on — we’ll talk more about the other stuff later on — butContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome & The Flying Squirrel”