Best Comics of 2020

December 30th, 2020 Continuing my theme of naming the greatest things of the year (as opposed to the most depressing or most defeating), I have to put my stamp on the medium closest to my heart: comic books. I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it a million more: comic books have savedContinue reading “Best Comics of 2020”

Fiction Hats

December 14th, 2020 Let’s talk about The Flying Squirrel. To start, I want to give my friend Natalie a super-special shout-out for weaving this wonderful knitted cap. I asked if she could make one with “squirrel ears like my comic book hero’s” and she didn’t trip a beat; it turned out better than I couldContinue reading “Fiction Hats”

Hey, Jealousy

December 11th, 2020 I’ve been thinking about the green-eyed monster lately. (I’m talking about jealousy, not the Hulk, but I also think about the Hulk often.) I’ve been a jealous person for most of my life. A lot of what I created in my twenties came from the twin intertwining roots of jealousy and control.Continue reading “Hey, Jealousy”

I Managed To Celebrate Three Years of Sobriety in 2020

December 9th, 2020 Over the past three years, I feel like I’ve done okay. I wrote stuff. (Books, comics, songs, and over 60,000 words of blog material, to name some of it.) I did stuff (like go to conventions and concerts, on adventures and meetings). I thought stuff and I felt stuff. Like, really thoughtContinue reading “I Managed To Celebrate Three Years of Sobriety in 2020”

Subconscious Wormhole

December 3rd, 2020 May 1st, 1985. I’m born. I am my parents’ first child, as far as I know. September 16th, 2020. I get a phone call from my sister. My mom is in the hospital due to extreme stomach pain. Within a few days, we learn she has cancer. We are optimistic and readyContinue reading “Subconscious Wormhole”


December 2nd, 2020 I like to dig deep. When I’m dead and gone, you may force yourself to read or listen to something I did to try to understand why people are calling me “a unique talent who was taken too soon.” (I don’t really know what that is or how that doesn’t describe everyContinue reading “L/A/Y/E/R/S”

The Queen’s Gambit: (Not a) Review

November 9th, 2020 There was a thing about The Queen’s Gambit for me. It’s the reason I’m making a whole post about it. This is more than just a review, if you read on. Though my review just basically consists of telling you: if you decide to watch a show this year, watch The Queen’sContinue reading “The Queen’s Gambit: (Not a) Review”

O, Nostalgia

November 6th, 2020 Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It can transport you through time and space. It can trap you in pocket dimensions made of moments. It builds worlds from smells and sounds and feelings you had never felt before or since. I’m the kind of person who can feel nostalgia before it happens, whileContinue reading “O, Nostalgia”

Bigger on the Inside

October 15th, 2020 My dog loves everybody. She cannot handle her damn self when presented (or creating) an opportunity to love on someone. This often displays itself as complete face-licking abandon; sometimes she pulls on her leash so hard my arm is dislocated from the shoulder. The other day, she was happily flopping on theContinue reading “Bigger on the Inside”

Artists Gotta Art

October 7th, 2020 I’ve seen countless posts, mostly from well-meaning parents, about technology and how it’s taking away our artists. How our children are being deprived of creativity by cell phones and video games and computers. I, respectfully, disagree. But (also respectfully!) I feel like I have the pedigree and point of view to explainContinue reading “Artists Gotta Art”