February 10th, 2021 A Broaster made me cry today. Let me go back. So I was driving down to Faribault this morning and thinking about an episode of I Love Lucy. In this episode, Lucy and Ethel work as inspectors in a chocolate factory. At first, they’re doing just fine, focusing on each piece asContinue reading “Hunger”

The Enemy of my Enemy is Me

February 1st, 2021 “To fight the empire is to be infected by its derangement . . . Whoever defeats part of the empire becomes the empire; it proliferates like a virus . . . Thereby it becomes its enemies.” – Phillip K. Dick I didn’t know how it phrase it as eloquently as Dick, butContinue reading “The Enemy of my Enemy is Me”

Solid State

January 29th, 2021 People love to say a person “passed before their time.” What few like to admit is that every person dies exactly when they were going to. Everybody gets the same amount: exactly one life. Time is a solid state. From the beginning of time to the end, you can pick it upContinue reading “Solid State”

You’re Going To Make It After All

January 18th, 2021 You would think that because we’re not prehistoric people fighting for our daily survival that we wouldn’t be so stressed out. But what humans did was change the definition of survival itself. It is no longer just having shelter and something to eat and not dying. It’s having a home that isn’tContinue reading “You’re Going To Make It After All”

falling asleep behind the wheel

January 16th, 2021 Highway hypnosis is the phenomenon of daydreaming so profoundly that you find yourself at the destination of a journey without being able to remember how you got there. It’s called that because it usually happens behind the wheel. I never thought that my grief would sometimes manifest itself in this way. Often,Continue reading “falling asleep behind the wheel”


January 8th, 2021 I played cribbage with my dad today. I asked him how he was doing, and the sign he did with his hand was a gentle current, like this photo of a sound wave, representing that he was in a constant state of feeling up and down. Our universe is made of vibrations;Continue reading “WAVES”

Land of the

January 6th, 2021 I’ve been real good at staying apolitical as of late, but I feel like I’ve lost a little of my punk rock attitude and we’ve all been getting along too well. So let’s get to it, friends! What is happening in Washington right now is just about as anti-American and anti-democratic (asContinue reading “Land of the”

2020: A Lesson, A Curriculum, An Education

December 31st, 2020 It is fair to say that this year sucked. It is damn fair. And it is a truth that we will have wasted our time if we decide to learn nothing from it. So, with that in mind, here is some of what I learned. – I learned not only is tomorrowContinue reading “2020: A Lesson, A Curriculum, An Education”


December 21st, 2020 In the social media app Snapchat, what you send disappears after it’s been opened. Like the top-secret messages that self-destruct after reading in Mission: Impossible. There is a loophole, though. You can save a screenshot of anything you can see on your phone, including in Snapchat. And that’s what my mom did.Continue reading “Screenshot”

Flip: Special Edition

December 18th, 2020 “Write drunk, edit sober.” In my twenties, I was master of the former. For a while now, though, I’ve been living by the latter. In that spirit, I wanted to revisit my second novella, Flip, with fresh eyes. I didn’t want to change the story, but I wanted to clean, clarify andContinue reading “Flip: Special Edition”